Bruno Ribadi

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A tale of redemption
The Brewery Bruno Ribaldi is a Sicilian brewery of craft beer, produced totally with a manual
Bruno Ribadi was born in Cinisi, a brilliant boy with a great curiosity for everything around
him. After the tragic death of his parents, he was welcomed to the Abbey of the Benedictines, where
a Belgian monk, during one of his lectures, noted Bruno and his innate talent for chemistry. The boy
had never studied, but he was so capable and smart that he was chosen as his assistant in the
production of beer.
[ovvero qui]
In Prague, pretending to be a reporter for a well-known magazine, he interviewed famous brewers
with the intent to discover as many secrets as possible. During one of these interviews, he met the
famous Hubertek Morszynsky, who asked Bruno to go to India and help him in his laboratory
experiments, where Bruno learnt the secrets of spices and meditation.
When Bruno lost interest in ascetic life, he met a group of English musicians and decided to follow
them to London, where he continued to experiment with new trials in a small brewery while earning
a living as a bus driver.
One day, while driving, he recognized the Belgian monk of Cinisi, who was in London for a short
holiday. Bruno told him the story of his travels and the details of his experiments, which made the
monk so curious that he decided to invite him to Belgium to tell him more about his discoveries. In
his Abbey, his very long tale– held in a language in which words from all over Europe are present; it
was a great success and was proclaimed master brewer.
After leaving Belgium he returned to Sicily where he would have liked to open his brewery, but
Bruno was a free explorer and the desire to travel was too strong to stay there for a long time and
eventually he decided to leave again.
There have not been anymore news about him since then, only a diary with the story of his travels,
discoveries and experiments in the laboratories of the greatest brewers.
The discovery of the processes of fermentation of cereals and brewing fascinated Bruno who, once
he became and adult, decided to leave the abbey to discover the secrets of the best beers. [questo
pezzetto deve stare qua? Perchè qua non ha senso, mentre lo avrebbe se stesse dopo il primo paragrafo]