BioViola: life experience
Thirty years of ploughing, pruning and processing always in the same spirit, like a father who,
proudly, sees his son growing up. The reality of BioViola starts from the bud and ends with the
harvest, with the awareness that“we are what we eat”. The story of BioViola was born in black and
white and, thanks to the experience of the family Adragna, takes color maintaining values and
traditions of the ancient farmers. The experience and importance given to the vine lead to a
conscious choice that finds in organic farming a way of life. By cultivating the land respecting flora
and fauna leads the man to an inner well-being, difficult to find economically.
A touch of Sicilianity
The third generation brings in the vineyards a breath of enthusiasm, the desire to give the right
value to the products of a Sicily that, with its sun, brings a smile on the faces and love in the
hearts. Thus, a new experience begins, which encludes within a brand history, values and strong
family principles. Sicily is not only the land belonging to the Adragna family. Sicily is also the
mother of colours, horizons, beautiful women and products that reflect the abilities it can express.
The properties of the farm, cultivated exclusively with the biological method, extend into the agro
elimo-alcamese. From the Temple of Segesta to the territories of the battles of Garibaldi, from the
multiple fortified famrs and castles to the main square named after Ciullo d’Alcamo, one of the first
advocates of the Italian language. On these sun-drenched hills rise vineyards, olive groves,
vegetable gardens and stretches of various arable land of native origin. Also, the proximity to the
sea, the altitude of the land and the exposure to the sun help nature to give life to the fruits of the
Sicilian land, respecting the seasonal production cycles.
The products of this land have always been an expression of the renowned Italian cuisine. The
humble and tiring work of the fields is daily rewarded by the smiles of young and old just sitting at
the table in front of a nice plate of macaroni with fresh sauce.
BioViola is the organic farming
For BioViola, organic farming is not just a method of cultivation, but a way of life. In the biological
method there is nothing particular that deserves the praise of having respected the environment,
because biological is normal. Also, the BioViola project is much wider. Offering products that
respect everyone’s health without compromising the ecosystem is a duty towards life.
In the fields of BioViola you never feel alone. Flora and fauna accompany the days of workers,
giving different smells and colors at every moment. Cold winter, with its brooks and the dark colour
of the now bare orchards, contrasts with the lively colour of the herbaceous ones, where large snails
play undisturbed. Then spring arrives and awakens intense colors and scents of flowers, allowing
bees to carry out the hard work necessary to feed the life of the entire ecosystem.