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Biologica Stellino: a dream come true
Biologica Stellino was born in 2016 to express its owners enthusiasm and to celebrate their own
land. Also, they chose organic farming back in 2008. The lands tell the story of a dream, the dream
of the family grandfather who, back from “the new world”, started to work hard to grow vines.
Tommaso and Pietro, today’s the face, swear and heart of Biologica Stellino, represent the fourth
generation of a family dedicated to the land.
The business has grown the years, they have increased the surface and the different types of grapes,
improving constantly the quality of productions and diversifing with the introduction of almond
trees, fruit trees, olive trees, pulses and wheat (these two rotating between them).
Wines between tradition and innovation
Wines are produces exclusively from local organic vines. As a matter of fact, Biologica Stellino
works looking ahead without forgetting to respect the environment, natural fertility and life cycles
of the soil. In the vineyard, with ongoing studies and deepening, are used procedures to obtain good
and healthy grapes. Most of the cultivation operations are mechanical, except for the harvesting of
grapes that is carried out exclusively by hand: in this way, it is possible to select in the vineyard the
best bunches to be vinified. Despite the harvest represents the final act, it is not the only one to
provide quality to the grapes, since all the operations in the vineyard contribute to it.

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