Our pasta, fresh or dried, is handcrafted in the small factories of Resuttano (CL), an uncontaminated agricultural center in the Sicilian hinterland, and is obtained with the use of the best varieties of Sicilian durum wheat grown and ground a few kilometers from the factories . The mixing water, coming from the clear springs of the Madonie, undergoes a microfiltration process that further purifies it without the need for chemical reagents, thus preserving all its precious properties. The semolina used, with UNI EN ISO 22005 “From the Field to the Table” Certification, guarantee the authenticity of the selected Sicilian grains and the identification of the place of production, as well as the transparency and control of all stages of the production process , from the field to the table, for a healthy, safe and genuine final product.


We were born in 2004 starting from scratch, driven by the only passion for quality excellence, with a small neighborhood pasta factory, distributing our products in the Madonie area. We were among the first to join a pilot project to obtain the “Sicilian Durum Wheat Pasta Certified Quality” brand, able to guarantee the high quality in nutritional and hygienic-sanitary terms of certified products. We have always been at the forefront in the promotion and enhancement of typical products of our territory, with the aim of strengthening the agri-food production chains in order to facilitate their shortening and to promote integration between local businesses. The current production of fresh pasta, all characterized by rough bronze drawing, ranges from long formats (tagliatelle, pappardelle, spaghetti, maccheroncini, etc.) to short ones (homemade macaroni, rustic rigatoni, Sicilian caserecce, spaccatelle, Sicilian cavatelli, etc. .) to special formats (busiate, paccheri, etc.). The production of dry pasta, dried slowly (24-48 hours) and at low temperature (40 ° C), consists largely of special formats (busiate, paccheri, paccheretti, spinning tops, radiators, cart wheels, etc.) Our busiate in particular, fresh or dry, produced with a special technique that gives them optimal callosity and roughness, are highly appreciated both by direct consumers and by operators in the ho.re.ca. sector, throughout the national territory.