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The family business Assennato include also a “bottaia” place for watering Nero D’Avola DOC.
Here it’s possible to taste the Nero D’Avola DOC and typical food of the territory.
Since 1700 the Winery has been engaged with the production of intense red wines like Nero
D’Avola “Eloro”, Bianco D’Inzolia and Moscato. The wine is obtained mainly from a grape grown
in the farm estate of Contrada Bovini, which consists in 10 hectares of vineyard from which the fine
DOC “Eloro” is made. It is grown in dry regime as”alberello” (free standing bush) with average
espalier. The production include Nero “alla mandorla” (with almonds), the unique fortified wine
obtained from the union of fine Nero D’Avola and almonds.

  • vino rosso siciliano nero d'avola DOC eloro liberty assennato

    Sei Bottiglie di Liberty DOC – Nero d’Avola – ASSENNATO

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  • vino rosso siciliano mandolinero vino nero alla mandorla assennato

    Sei Bottiglie di Mandolinero – ASSENNATO

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  • Vino bianco siciliano Inzolia IGP Terre Sole Assennato

    Sei Bottiglie di Terre Sole IGP – Insolia – ASSENNATO

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  • vino siciliano rosato rosé eloro DOC assennato

    Sei Bottiglie di Terre Sole IGP – Nero d’Avola – ASSENNATO

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