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A very old tale
Amaro Gerlando was born with the stories on the Order of the Knights Templars, which was born in
Jerusalem in 1119 to protect pilgrims. It ended between the year 1312, when Pope Clement V
marked the end, and the year 1314, when Philip the Fair, king of France, ordered to burn the last
Grand Master of the Templars, one of his best collaborators.
Templars, who have been always surrounded by an aura of mystery which gave rise to myths and
legends, left a print in Sicily during the reign of Frederick II. In those years the blessed knight
Gerlando D’Alemagna arrived in Sicily, probably from poland. He stayed in a little church in
Madonna del Tempio in Caltagirone (CT) and became its guardian. He started to protect the weak
and underwent harsh penances. Soon after his death in 1279, people started to idolise him and he
was so well regarded that in 1327 his relics was moved in San Giacomo Maggiore cathedral in
History of family and tradition
The story of the company Amaro Gerlando comes precisely from the Templars. Thank to the stories
told in family, Templar knights have always occupied a space in the childhood life of Daniele
Scivoli, who listened amazed to his grandparents and relatives while these ones dealt with aromatic
herbs and infusions to make liquors. with the passing of time, Daniele started to associate liquors,
Templars and the knight Gerlando, the main character of a lot of stories. When his family decided
not to produce the recipe, Daniele inherited it. He guarded it jealously for years, when, during a
move, he found it again and mindful of all the good memories, he decided to produce it. That’s how
Amaro Gerlando was born. It was appreciated by relatives and friends, Daniele decided to engage in
an artisan production.