Alveria is a craft brewery which uses a small machinery system that allows to follow with accuracy
and care all the phases of the production process. The result is a high quality beverage which keeps
intact the raw materials used. The brewery is thought like a forge, a factory which is also a place
where friends and customers can meet and exchange ideas. The Alveria team is so stubborn they
chose a donkey as a logo, because they really believe in what they do and in producing what they
like, without being influenced by trends.
Alveria brewery production method
Alveria brewery is built up by good craftsmen and it is in constant development and
expretimentation. They goal is to improve constantly and to produce new beers, for their pleasure
and their customers’. Alveria beers are based on classic styles, reinterpreted according to producers’
tastes. As a matter of fact, one of the aim at Almeria is conveying part of the personality of its
partners, along with the production of beers unique in taste. Alveria beers are not pasteurised or
micro-filtered. This is manifested in a perfect product, not distorted, which lives and evolves in a
bottle or in a keg. Also, all Almeria beers have natural bubbles, controlled carefully in order to get
even more balance and pleasure.