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History and Mission
Alicos was born from the enthusiasm of a Sicilian family for the unique and unmistakable tastes of
their island. In this island of ancient culinary tradition, passed down through generations, the most
typical Sicilian specialities are resumed to be a part of a process of research and experimentation,
which made its production a field of gastronomic excellence, innovative and in constant
development. So, trying a gustatory experience signed Alicos is like a sweet sensory journey back
in time, which allows you to taste ancient flavours, among old olive grove fields and rich fragrances
of a “Siciliy of taste” waiting to be discovered.
Production and Distribution
Production and distribution of their products boasts a great excellence: extra virgin olive oil of the
“cerasuola” variety, unique for its fruity aroma and its intense flavour. A wide range of products
comes up besides this speciality: preserves, paté, ready sauces, sweet spread creams, jams and
marmalade. All these delicacies, with respect for the most discerning consumers, exists in the bio
and vegan variety.
By doing so, Alicos has spread, and it is still doing so, a culture for good taste and high quality,
where Sicily emerges with its uniqueness since the very first taste experience.