Our olive grove is located at the foot of Mount Rifesi, in a hilly position with altitude below 600 meters, it consists of cultivars of Biancolilla, Nocillara del Belice and Cerasuola. It consists of young plants and pruning is performed every year according to traditional methods. Harvesting, oiling and packaging: To ensure excellent product quality and to keep the acidity level at the lowest level, the olive is harvested from the beginning of the veraison and cannot last beyond December 30 of each olive harvest campaign. The olives collected are stored in rigid and ventilated containers, so as not to spoil the fruit, and are pressed within two days of collection. The extraction and packaging of the product are carried out in the oil mills in the area, according to rigorous and accurate hygiene rules, where machinery is used that extracts the oil through mechanical and physical techniques in order to maintain the original characteristics of the fruit. After a natural decanting process, the oil is packaged in glass and aluminum containers; each individual package is regularly labeled according to ministerial standards that guarantee protection for the consumer.


Extra virgin olive oil is considered by all nutritionists, the best example of a healthy and balanced diet. Preventive effects: together with a balanced diet it helps the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, protects the gastric mucous membranes reducing the risk of stress gastritis. Anti aging effects: thanks to the presence of powerful natural antioxidants, it helps to carry out a protective action on cells against free radicals, slowing down the aging process. It is rich in polyphenols, vitamins (K, A, E, B, D) which are essential substances for our body, helps fight bad cholesterol (LDL) and simultaneously increase good cholesterol (HDL) thanks to the fatty acid content monounsaturated, health benefits. It is recommended for all ages, in childhood it helps bone mineralization, in adolescence it represents an important source of energy for growth, in old age it delays aging and its composition rich in fatty acids makes it ideal for those practice sports. It is also suitable for those who follow a weight loss diet: being the tastiest of other fats, it does not take much to season thus reducing the calorie content of the dishes. It is also perfect for frying, because it reaches the smoke point at a much higher temperature than other fats.