Alessandro di Camporeale

Logo di Alessandro di Camporeale

It is the story of a family who has been working hard in viticulture since the beginning of 20th
century, and that is the creator of a revolution thank to the brothers Rosolino, Antonino e Natale and
their children Anna, Benedetto and Benedetto, a revolution centered on the vineyard and the best
oenological practices. This helped to create wines of great impact and structure, soft, elegant and
with greatly balanced. These wines are born in a vineyard along with the enthusiasm of the people
who work there. Alessandro of Camporeale is a business where new generations rediscover the
pride for their identity and share a project of production rooted in their family history.
The three cousins Alessandro are the future of this wine cellar, a cellar which reinvent itself and
look with enthusiasm and hope at the Third Millennium. From Anna, Wine Tourism and
communication manager, to Benedetto, the oenologist who follow all the process in the vineyard
and in the cellar, to the other cousin Benedetto, marketing manager of this family business. New
human resources and new qualifications to continue with faith a business history which became the
symbol of a great quality wine territory.
The vineyard: meticulous actions
In a place between 400 and 600 metres above the sea level, characterised by a mild climate, never
dry, with high temperature changes between day and night, there are the 35 hectare of vineyard,
along with other hectare, two of which are destined to olive oil production. In this clayey and
calcareous soil the Alessandro family heads for the valorization of local varieties, like Nero
D’Avola, Catarratto and Grillo, and international varieties like Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc, which
live perfectly in the Camporeale area.
Growing methods privilege the espalier system with spurred cordon for the red berried varieties.
For the white grapes varieties, on the other hand, they chose a Guyot espalier system. All the
activities around the vine are done manually. From the green pruning, clipping, defoliation and
cluster thinning to the grape harvest.
Biological Agriculture
All is processed according to biological agriculture and using small but important expedient. Roses,
for example, are precious sentinel which give an early warning in case of powdery mildew
infestation. Green manure is another technique which consists in planting field crops, like
leguminous, among row of vines, to facilitate the fertilisation of the soil and protect it from erosion
phenomena. Also, there are measures which support biodiversity, like planting of hedges and
shrubs, or building pile of rocks near the vine rows, which allow the settlement of a lot of precious
organisms that fight parasites.
At Alessandro of Camporeale experiency and deep knowledge of soil and vines are one of the rules
to defend the productive values of their business and also a prerogative to get top quality products.
Wine Cellar: vinification and refinement
In the wine cellar Natale and Benedetto, production manager, press the grapes of their own land.
They reinterpret the Sicilian wine-making tradition with new technologies, bringing out the
organoleptic characteristics of grapes to get fine wines, the best expression of their land. The cellar
was built in 2000 and it was provided with all the new technologies, modern equipement and
temperature controlled spaces, for ageing and affination of wines. For Synah wine they use French
durmast tonneaux for an affination of 12 months, which is followed by a year in a bottle at a steady
temperature of 18°C. The Sauvignon Blanc, the Catarratto, the Grillo and the Nero D’Avola, stay for
six months in steel tanks and later they are stored for some months in a bottle for affination.