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The story of the company dates back to 1931. In that year a young Gaetano Adelfio, who moved
from Palermo to Mazamemi, decided to settle down in this little village on the sea, populated by a
small friendly community with a big heart. The factory Adelfio was built in those years, when the
bluefin tuna fishing was flourishing. Bluefin tunas were fished with a particular technique called
“mattanza” and soon after that they were salted along with sardines and anchovies. Since then
Adelfio company has been working hard to mantain the same ancient tastes, as they believe that
there is a strong bond between culture, history, taste, tradition and memories.
Adelfio: tradition comes first
Adelfio company has always put tradition and quality before marketing. Fishing has been the only
life style they adopted and the product has always been worked according to tradition. These unique
virtues have made it possible for Adelfio to mantain the original authenticity. Tuna and its related
products are sold as they were used to be sold in the past, passed down through the centuries in
marine culture: simple and authentic things.
Processing of tuna
In adelfio there is not a single part of tuna which is not used for food purposes, an deference for
marine tradition. From tuna, along with traditional fillet, other products are derived, such as:
• “ventresca” (tuna belly): it’s the best part of tuna, the most delicate and finest;
• “bottarga” (tuna eggs): known as Mediterranean caviar, it is derived from tuna ovarian sack
and later it is pressed, salted and dried;
• “mosciame” (tuna’s soft parts): it is worked with black pepper;
• “lattume”: tuna’s seminal fluid;
• “suppizzata” (tuna salami): it is first grinded and then stuffed in calf intestine;
• “buzzonaglia” (tuna dark parts, close to the fishbone and therefore very blood bedewed): it
is very tasty and it was traditionally used as filling by peasants who harvested near Pachino

  • Acciughe salate in lattina Il timoniere Adelfio

    Acciughe Salate – ADELFIO

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  • Bottarga di Tonno Rosso sottovuoto – ADELFIO

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  • Bottarga di Tonno Yellowfin sottovuoto – ADELFIO

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  • Bottarga grattuggiata di uova di tonno Adelfio

    Bottarga grattugiata – Uova di Tonno – ADELFIO

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  • Buzzonaglia di tonno in olio di semi di girasole Adelfio

    Buzzonaglia di Tonno in olio di semi di girasole – ADELFIO

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  • Colatura di alici bottiglia Adelfio

    Colatura di Alici – ADELFIO

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  • Crema di Spada e Tonno affumicati - ADELFIO - conserve di pesce

    Crema di Spada e Tonno affumicati in Olio di Oliva – ADELFIO

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  • Filetti di Acciughe con peperoncino rosso all’olio di oliva – ADELFIO

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