24 Baroni

History of a passion

Back in 2014 two brothers, Antonio and Giacomo, founded the brewery Birrificio Baroni, after discovering that water in Nicosia was perfect for their business project. The aim of Birrificio Baroni is to produce an unfiltered and bottle conditioned beer and take it to gastronomic activities, bars, and pubs around Sicily and Italy.
Born as a start-up from the owners’ passion for craft beers, the brewery has soon known a great success of customers as well as critics. The brewery was also awarded several times for the high quality of its beer.

This brewery follows the tradition of the top-fermentation and refermentation in bottle, which contribute to the unique and autentic taste of its beer. Not many people know that beer is an ancient beverage and in the past it often replaced a meal precisely because of its nutritional properties. Beer even contributed to building the ancient pyramids in Egypt: not only workers were paid in beer, but
beer was also their natural fuel! Today beer is one of the most appreciated beverage and the brewery Birrificio 24 Baroni produces beer with passion and knowledge, stocking up the best pubs and bar of Siciliy and Italy.

Producers of Slow-Food Beer

This reality, born from its founders’ love for beer, has established itself in the new panorama of Slow Food.
Beers from 24 Baroni are made with the best raw materials and prepared following tradition: that is the opposite of the modern fast-food tradition. Slow-Food is a great idea, a way of living our everyday life routine in a healty perspective. For this reason, the lager Bionda II with Sulla honey was awarded Grande Birra (Great Beer) in the Beers of Italy guide book in 2017, a great incentive to keep on producing high quality craft beers. Therefore, Birrificio 24 Baroni uses the best raw materials: malt, fine hops and selected yeast. All their beers are unpasteurised, unfiltered and re-fermented in bottle. They are free of chemical preservatives and stabilizers. High professional standard have been achieved with the usage of the best raw materials and the exceptional professionality and knowledge, as well as the designation of various prizes and valuable acknowledgements.