Sweets that kidnap the five senses

There are recipes that are not family recipes, that have not been with you during your childhood but that become yours because you fall in love with them. Just like in life with the people you choose and who, in a certain sense, are representing you and are able to mark your path.

Yes, because often the recipes look at you from those pages, even when the book is closed. You look back, but you don’t dare because you don’t feel up to it. Then, one day, you finally try and… that’s it! Mind you, it is not only with the most complex recipes, even with the simplest. Maybe because you have a kind of reverential fear of the timeless tradition (even worse if you don’t have a comparison term). If you think there can be no easy recipe… well, you’re on the right track. Indeed, although it may seem simpler than others, a recipe is never obvious. So, we tried and tried to achieve the balance we were looking for. Once found, we found that we can’t help but prepare these delicious morsels, always very much awaited and requested.

Almond balls are small whims that you can no longer do without. “Bonbon” all year round and for all tastes! Their best time is, above all, from November to Easter, but many guests have enjoyed it even in summer. Just find (and know how to preserve) the good Sicilian almond flour! It is a simple sweet, delicious and with exciting aromas.

Almond balls: variations

Marsala balls are divinely combined with frost coffee and puddings, creams and chocolate mousse. Moreover, they make perfect cake and rollò with chocolate decorations and they are without season!

Likewise, balls with pistachio heart can be enjoyed at any time of the year. They can be enjoyed simply alone, in combination with chocolates, with the cake with ricotta cream, or with the biancomangiare with almonds. Poetry!

Instead, orange balls, accompanied by orange peel and citrus juice, are irresistible from November to April. You can always enjoy them using an orange rosolio (a liquor) prepared by you, or a Grand Marnier or a ointreau. They are also perfect with the delicacies we suggested.

The balls are simple to prepare, but in advance because, as is practically always the case for sweets, the more they rest the better. Besides, unless you produce hundreds, they require little preparation: a good choice for sudden guests! These“whims” are perfect even to give, perhaps in unique and original packages that enhance the beauty. It is not a purely aesthetic appreciation! They possess a refinement of ancient elegance that captivates the five senses. Yes, we must also consider hearing, because“mmhhh” it is the typical sound that emits those who taste them!

Today we are going to show you the ones we probably love the most: marsala almond balls.

Ingredients (for 30 balls)

  • 150 g Sicilian almond flour
  • 150 g caster sugar
  • 130 cane sugar
  • some almonds groun
  • 6 drops of almon essence
  • 3 table spoon of a good marsala


Mix the flour and sugar, the bitter almonds (or the essence) and Marsala  in a bowl.

Be careful: the spoon you use as a measuring spoon must be of the old ones. (Do you know those beautiful soup spoons of good service? Here, those spoons give you the perfect amount of liquid!)

Mix with a fork briefly and then knead with your hands. You will get, initially, bigcrumbs: you have to compact them quickly (as if you were preparing the fruit of Martorana). Yes, because these little comforts are nothing more than flavored almond paste. Precisely for this you have to be careful not to overheat it too much, otherwise it will produce excess almond oil, making it difficult to aggregate the ingredients and finish the dessert, which, by the way, would dry up in a few days.

Let’s get back to the preparation. Form balls smaller than a walnut, working them with the palms of the hands, and pass them in the granulated sugar. Place them in paper cups and leave them uncovered for half a day. Then cover them with a napkin and leave them there for a couple of days before offering them. But, as I explained earlier, you can eat them right away. They will just be softer and less aromatic.

If you decide to try the orange almond balls, simply replace the Marsala with the Rosolio. If you use the juice, however, reduce the sugar according to the sweetness of the orange and add its grated rind. In this case, you will have to use, strictly, untreated oranges and Sicilian (not even to say it!).

Good comfortable whims to all!

Buon appetito in the sign of ancient tradition and family warmth

Immagine delle pallottoline di mandorle al marsala