These General Contitions of Sale govern the relationship between Emporio Comunicazione s.r.l.s. and the customer regarding the sale of products at a distance through the website WWW.EMPORIOSICILIA.IT. (and domains linked to it), property of Emporio Comunicazione s.r.l.s. with head office in via Farneti 1 Milan 20129, VAT number and tax code 10818020967, email:

Every transaction will be governed by Italian law and, where applicable, by the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 206 of 6/09/2005, as regards privacy, will be subject to the rules of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003.

1) Definitions:

a) Customer: the subject who proceeds to the contractual proposal of purchase of products on the site WWW.EMPORIOSICILIA.IT;

(b) producer: the manufacturer of the product, or an intermediary thereof, offered for sale on the WWW.EMPORIOSICILIA.EN site;

c) product: any item intended for sale on the WWW.EMPORIOSICILIA.IT website;

2) Product features:

The essential product features are shown in the data sheets in the catalogue on the WWW.EMPORIOSICILIA.IT website and refer to the information provided by the manufacturer.

Emporio Comunicazione s.r.l.s. is not responsible for any defects in the conformity of the product with respect to the indications provided by the manufacturer in the technical sheets, labels, price lists, catalogues, brochures, leaflets or similar documents.

The image has the only purpose of presenting the product and it might not represent exactly the product, but differ in size and colour.

3) Selling price:

All prices shown on WWW.EMPORIOSICILIA.IT include VAT and all the other taxes.

4) Orders:

Customers can buy only products available and in stock and as such displayed on the electronic catalog found on the website WWW.EMPORIOSICILIA.IT when the order is placed.

The indication of the availability of a product or of its quantity is subjected to variation and and it does not indicate the actual availability of the product when the order is placed

Placing an order by a customer is considered a contractual offer to purchase.

The correct reception of the customer order is confirmed by Emporio Comunicazione s.r.l.s. via email at the email address provided by the customer in the contractual offer with the identifying data of the order placed by the customer.

5) Sales Contract:

The Sales Contract between Emporio Comunicazione s.r.l.s. and the customer is concluded after checking that the product is available and with the formal acceptance of Emporio Comunicazione s.r.l.s.

Emporio Comunicazione s.r.l.s. can accept or reject the order, without the customer claiming rights and/or compensations for contractual or non-contractual damages for direct or indirect damages toward people and/or things as a consequence of non-acceptance, even partial, of an order.

Emporio Comunicazione s.r.l.s. shall communicate with the customer via the email address provided by the customer the acceptance of the contract or its possible refusal.

6) Methods of payment:

All the way of payments accepted are shown on the website WWW.EMPORIOSICILIA.IT as follow: a) credit card via PayPal b) bank transfer for Emporio Comunicazione r.l.s. on the bank details that will be communicated to the customer

7) Delivery methods and shipping costs:

Before shipping products, Emporio Comunicazione s.r.l.s. must receive the payment from the customer.

Shipping fees in Italy cost 6,90€. Shipping fees in UE countries vary depending on the destination country. For the United States and Canada alcoholic drinks will be shipped separately and with different fees than the other products on the catalog.

Emporio Comunicazione s.r.l.s. will deliver, only in Italy, possible within 7 days from the payment. Customer agrees to accept the order even in case of delay up to 30 days and this cannot be considered a breach of contract by Emporio Comunicazione s.r.l.s. Customers acknowledges that in case of simultaneous orders, the availability of the good may vary.

Any damages of the packaging and/or the failure to deliver packaging must be immediately notify to the carrier, accepting subject verification of the content; in this case the customer agrees to notify Emporio Comunicazione s.r.l.s. with registered mail with return receipt within 10 days possible non-compliances of riceved products. Delivery is on the street floors, unless stated otherwise.

8) Comunications and Complaints:

Any communication can be sent to the email address:

Any complaint must be sent via registered mail with return receipt at: Emporio Comunicazione s.r.l.s. Via Farneti 1 – 20129 – Milan (MI), Italy

Emporio Comunicazione s.r.l.s. Via Farneti 1 – 20129 – Milan (MI), Italy.

9) Cancellations:

In accordance with the Legislative Decree 206/2005, a customer classified as “consumer” as per definition of the Article number 3 of the Legislative Decree 206/2005 can exercise the right to cancel within 14 days from the moment the product is received via registered mail with return receipt at:

Emporio Comunicazione s.r.l.s. Via Farneti 1 – 20129 – Milan (MI), Italy.

The product must be returned intact and further shipping fees, unless it is a case of non- compliances, must be paid by the customer.

10) Controversies:

For any discussion or controversy the Court of Milan shall have exclusive jurisdiction. In case of a purchase by a customer classified as “consumer” as per definition of the Article number 3 of the Legislative Decree 206/2005, the Court of the Consumer shall have the jurisdiction.

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