Cocoa tagliatelle with asparagus cream, crispy pistachios and chilli squid

Today I suggest you a creative, colourful dish with an exceptional product: asparagus. This, combined with pistachio and contrasted by the bitter note of cocoa and the spiciness of chilli, creates a unique taste experience. And so, along with the spaghetti, these flavors become extremely irresistible.

Ingredients (for 4/6 people)

For the dough:

• 360 g of flour type “00”
• 40 g of bitter cocoa
• 4 eggs
• Water (as necessary)

For everything else:

•400 g of squid, already cleaned
•350 g of asparagus
•35 g of pistachio
•1 shallot
•1 clove of garlic
• Chilli pepper (as necessary)
• Evo oil (as necessary)


To prepare pasta

1. Add the bitter cocoa to the flour and sift everything. Place the cocoa and flour on a wooden pastry board where you will knead the dough and form a circle. Place the eggs in the center of the circle of flour and cocoa, beat them a little with the fork and start to incorporate them to the flour.
2. Knead strongly until you get a well incorporated dough, which will be ready as soon as it starts to make some bubbles. If it seems a little dry, add a little water. With this dough you will form a ball, which you will cover with tissue paper and let rest about 30 minutes.
3. Then, put some flour on the pastry board and, after dividing the dough into pieces, flatten them with a rolling pin or with a special pasta machine. Form sheets of about 1 mm thickness, roll up the single sheet on the rolling pin, or on itself and cut the spaghetti with a sharp knife, reaching a thickness of about 1 cm and a half. 4. Place the spaghetti on a tray with a little flour.

To prepare seasoning

Clean and wash the asparagus, taking care to use only the tips because they are the only tender part. Boil them in slightly salted water. I recommend to keep the cooking water of the asparagus, it will serve for the cream. Finish cooking, frying the asparagus in a pan with the shallot previously fried. Blend the asparagus, adding a little of the cooking liquid until you get a cream of the right density (it must not be liquid). In a separate bowl, saute extra virgin olive oil with a whole clove of garlic. Add the squids, cleaned and cut into slices, partially à la julienne. Add the chilli pepper to your taste and cook for a few minutes.
Roast the pistachios in a non-stick frying pan, crush them a bit with a mortar and proceed to cook the pasta in salted water. The spaghetti will be ready after about 3/4 minutes of cooking. At this point, assemble the dish. Saute the pasta in the pan with the squid sauce and serve on the asparagus cream, to which you have added the pistachio.