About Us


EMPORIO SICILIA  is the online platform created to realize the dream of letting you know all the taste and freshness of the Sicilian food and wine craft tradition.

Producers work with passion for their own land and territory, creating the products of the Sicilian food and wine tradition with craft methods, which represent the best of the tradition and cuisine of the Sicilian land and sea. We love our land and we want to celebrate it with you.



The traditional Sicilian cuisine is know worldwide for its flavours and the quality of its raw materials. It has a history that sinks roots in antiquity, in the historical, cultural and religious events that took place over thousands of years on the island, handed down with care from generation to generation, to get to our grandmothers, our mothers, us, and tomorrow to our children and grandchildren.



We are pleased to welcome the experts and the protagonists of this excellence and put them on display. We suggest recipes, food and wine tours, ancient rituals and new trends.

Only one big dream moves us. That of bringing to your table all the wealth that the Sicilian food and wine tradition has to offer.